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The Knitting diary

Online course: introduction to crochet

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    This is the guide that no one showed you to start crocheting...

    Normally it can happen to us that we really want to knit patterns or garments that we see on the internet or even our own designs, but we are afraid to start, either because we have never picked up a hook or because we think that we do not have the necessary foundations to do so.

    Don't worry, I have the solution for you! Just for you, I created this mini online course , where you will not only get rid of the fear of starting to grab a hook and yarn, but you will also learn what is necessary to be able to venture into knitting your own garments or accessories, it is a route Designed to get started in the world of crochet.

    This course is divided into 5 lessons, which include videos, in each video I guide you step by step along this route, from knowing which yarns and which hooks to use depending on what you want to do, how to start grabbing the hook, where to buy your yarn and the right hook, how to start knitting the basics of crochet to creating your own color and stitch combinations to make your fabric samples. It is a super complete guide to start your life as a knitter!

    In this course you will learn:

    • Identify the appropriate yarns and hooks for each project, which ones to buy and where you can find them
    • The basis to start crocheting, the first steps
    • Basic crochet stitches, why you can use them and how to combine them
    • To make your fabric samples combining different colors and stitches so that you can later crochet your garments
    • To read charts and knitting patterns
    • Tips and advice that I use when crocheting
    • My inspiration, pages and platforms that I use to knit

    Course modality

    • It is a 100% online course, with recorded videos divided by each topic
    • Attention: At the time of purchase, access is automatically sent to your email
    • It does not expire, you can watch it whenever you want, wherever you want and repeat it as many times as you want

    Course content

    • Section 1 : Yarn and materials
    • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES : Manual of stores and brands where to buy material
    • Section 2 : The basis to start knitting
    • Section 3: Basic crochet stitches and their combinations
    • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES : Crochet Stitches and Charts Manual
    • Section 4 : Fabric samples
    • Section 5 : Read Crochet Charts and Patterns
    • ADDITIONAL RESOURCES : Manual with my inspiration, where I get my ideas, pages and platforms that I use to knit
    • BONUS : A 10% discount code on my online courses and patterns, so you can apply what you have learned and knit a garment

    What do I need to take the workshop?

    • Scissors
    • knitting hook
    • 1 ball of cotton or wool thread

    (In the first lesson I show you, depending on each yarn, which is the appropriate hook and where you can buy it)

    You can find these materials at any haberdashery or knitting stores. I recommend you in Crochet stores mexico, Katia Yarns, We are knitters or in any haberdashery of your choice, for example in Mexico I recommend as a Parisian haberdashery.

    The cotton thread can be the one you like the most, I recommend between 3 and 5 mm and wool, fine wool or thick wool

    Sign up and start learning everything you need to crochet!

    How to enter the ONLINE COURSE?

    1. You should receive an email from confirmation , click on the button "Access to the course" and create a username and password in that link ( It must be with the same email that was purchased )

    2. Sign in or create your account, and All the courses you purchased will appear there automatically


    Online course: introduction to crochet
    Online course: introduction to crochet Online course: introduction to crochet Online course: introduction to crochet
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    How can I download my pattern or online course?

    Hello! At the time of purchase you will receive an email with the download link.

    If you have any problems please send an email to with your name and order number.

    Can I buy from anywhere in the world?

    Yes, you can buy all my courses and patterns through Paypal or card from anywhere in the world.

    What are the payment methods?

    You can pay through Paypal, credit or debit card, deposit or transfer.

    Do you make custom garments?

    Yes, I love knitting for you! You can write to me at, tell me a little about what you are looking for and I will contact you.