About me

My name is Pau, better known as The knitting diary

Before I start I want to thank you for being here and taking more interest in my story. I want to share with you that since I was little I always liked crafts and creating new things. When I discovered the fabric, I fell in love.

I fell in love with being able to connect with myself and make knitted garments at the same time and I discovered a huge community of women who love and are passionate about the same things as me.

Being able to connect and coincide with very talented women through knitting fills my heart.

I studied fashion design and at the same time I started a clothing brand, I liked it, but I felt that something was missing, I didn't feel that enormous passion that I wanted to feel, I worked with that brand for about 4 years, it was a casual clothing brand.

At the same time I started working in fashion and one day I told myself " If I want to make a living from knitting I have to dedicate not 24 hours a day to it, but give more than that." And that's how I took the plunge, got rid of my grief and started this adventure.

A short time ago I discovered that my grandmother had a yarn store when she was young, and through that store my parents met. My dad worked helping my grandmother.

When I heard that story everything made sense to me , I had not chosen the fabric, but the fabric had chosen me.

That's why knitting makes me very happy, I feel an inexplicable connection.

DIY, crochet and two needles

From the design to finishing with a hand-woven garment..


I like to share my creations and experiment with everything that can be created.

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