Teje un top veraniego a crochet

Crochet a summer top

If you live in a hot place, this is for you!

Hello knitters, I want to show you how to make a basic top with a bit of decoration on the edges and with super fun colors. The truth is that for those who live in a hot place or to go to the beach, it is spectacular.

First of all I want to thank you all for seeing my content and for sharing all my tutorials and processes, I really feel very happy and want to upload more and more. Now if we start...

I made this top with crochet and with the following:


  • 5mm knitting hook
  • 1 ball of cotton 3 mm thick in green
  • 1 ball of cotton 3 mm thick in Mexican pink color
  • 1 ball of cotton 3mm thick in blue


  • chain
  • low point
  • high point
  • picot point
  • puff point
  • slip point

I hope you like this mini tutorial and make your own top! Send me a photo to post in our community

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