Teje un portatazas a crochet

Crochet a cup holder

I don't know if you know this, but I'm addicted to coffee!

Hello knitters, I declare myself to you as a coffee addict, the truth is that I really enjoy the moment when I prepare myself, sit down and enjoy a delicious coffee. Sometimes I feel that it is not so much the flavor, but that moment that I dedicate to myself and to enjoy, like my own love ritual.

I prepared a Workshop for you to crochet a cup holder, I wanted to beautify that space a little and I wanted to share it with you.

This cup holder is made with the following:


  • 6mm knitting hook
  • 1 ball of cotton 3 mm thick in white
  • 1 ball of cotton 3 mm thick in Mexican pink
  • 1 ball of cotton 3mm thick in green
  • 1 ball of cotton 3mm thick in purple


  • chain
  • low point
  • slipped stitch

I hope you like this WORKSHOP and make your own cup holder! Send me a photo to publish in our community or tag me at @theknittingdiaryy

See you soon knitters!

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