¿Como crear tu propio tejido? CROCHET/ DIY

How to create your own fabric? CROCHET/DIY

Hello knitters, how are you? Today I want to share a small tutorial on how you can create your fabric using different colors and materials, to give it a different texture and make it look much more original.

Personally, I love mixing many colors at the same time and playing with different combinations. I feel that using a basic stitch and using this technique can elevate your fabric a lot...

I share the video in slow format and step by step.

The materials used are:

  • WAK fat wool
  • Fine wool from Katia Yarns
  • Cotton by Katia Yarns
  • Cotton from Crochet stores
  • 10mm hook
  • Scissors

This video is part of the MINI CROCHET INITIATION COURSE, where I teach you the entire basics of crocheting, if you like it I invite you to join the course below :)


I hope you like it! They tell me how

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