Blusa Halter a crochet DIY/CROCHET

Crochet Halter blouse DIY/CROCHET

Hello, knitters! I bring you this tutorial of a blouse that started out as short, the truth is that I didn't plan for it to be a blouse, but since I started knitting it I loved the stitch and the effect it gives it and so I turned it into a blouse....

It's one of my favorite designs so far, I hope you like it

It is a design that is made up of 2 rectangles, one for the left part and another for the back part.

I share the materials that we are going to use

The yarns that I recommend to knit this blouse are:
  • Fair cotton, Katia Yarns (Used yarn)
  • 24/7 Cotton, Crochet stores
  • Elena Master knit, Crochet stores
  • Cotton, We are knitters
  • Easy breezy yarn, We are knitters
  • Eucalyps- Hoooked from Crochet stores
  • 2mm cotton thread

Now, let's start knitting this blouse! And if you want the PATTERN, to follow it more specifically in the link below I will put it for you.


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