Teje una blusa de manga larga - DIY / CRAFT / CROCHET

Knit a long sleeve blouse - DIY / CRAFT / CROCHET

Hello, knitters! I finally bring you this tutorial, I really liked doing it, but it was a challenge. For this knitted blouse I decided to design it as I was knitting, that is, not having the design already established and I really loved it....

Because different ideas were coming to me as I was knitting it, first I started making the 6 granny squares on the front and from there I started making the sleeves.

It is a design that you are going to like a lot, it starts at the sleeve and continues to the base, we are only going to use 2 POINTS!!!!, can you believe it...

I share the materials that we are going to use

The yarns that I recommend to knit this dress are:
  • Fair cotton, Katia Yarns (Used yarn)
  • 24/7 Cotton, Crochet stores
  • Elena Master knit, Crochet stores
  • Cotton, We are knitters
  • Easy breezy yarn, We are knitters
  • Eucalyps- Hoooked from Crochet stores
  • 2mm cotton thread

Now, let's start knitting this blouse, which we will call "Tulum Blouse"!

See you next!!!

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