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Weaving flower online course

Weaving flower online course

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welcome to our ONLINE Flower Weaving Course

This course is a project where you will not only have a decoration for your home, but you will learn to weave with your hands in a loom frame and to be able to interpret different stitches and their variations.

I assure you that this course will be a before and after in your life as a weaver, it is ideal to enter the world of weaving in a very passive way.

Below I leave you the content of the course, what you will learn, what it includes and other advantages.


- A Weaving with your hands on a wooden frame
- To create basic stitches and their variations, as well as create your own stitches intuitively
- To weave flowers, leaves and petals with your hands
- Weave a weaving wall inspired by nature to place it on your wall
- Know how to choose the right yarns and combine them with each other
- The course DOES NOT EXPIRE , you can repeat it whenever you want
- You do not need previous knowledge, it is designed for beginners

What includes?

In this course you will find: Step-by-step videos, downloadable material in PDF and photographs

  • Step by step in downloadable PDF format.
  • Each video will have its explanation with its specific content.
  • Step-by-step videos, to watch and repeat them as many times as you want
  • Forum of the course, where you can post all your doubts and I will answer you with explanations
  • Access to a 20-minute video call for questions, you choose the day and time

You can buy it in 2 options:

  • Online course
  • Online course + Wooden frame for weaving

work modality

This is an online course that is divided into Lessons

  • All content in this course are recorded step-by-step videos and downloadable PDF content
  • In each class we will learn a specific part of the step by step
  • 100% online, it is NOT A LIVE COURSE, it is recorded, available forever ON THIS WEBSITE.


  • You do not need previous knowledge
  • At the time of purchase, access to the course arrives immediately in your email, where I will give you access to the content

When you purchase it you immediately have access to the course!

How do you enter the OLINE COURSE?

You must create a username and password on the web (if you don't have a user account you can create one very easily! It must be with the same email that was purchased)

Since you LOGGED IN you enter the section of my courses and the complete course will appear there, you can enter as many times as you want.


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