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In order to get your own size and for the pattern to fit you, you must knit a sample of the stitch you want to make. with a simple rule of three!

1- The first thing you must know the measurements for the size you want to make. It is important that you measure the width and length of each of the parts: front, back, sleeves...

2- Count the stitches and rows that enter in 10 cm

3- Knowing this data, you just have to isolate the X in the following equation:

10 cm - Points in 10 cm in your sample

Width of the piece in your size - points you need for the width of your size

To do this, multiply the cm of the width of your garment by the number of stitches of your sample and divide it by the 10 cm. The result will be the stitches you have to cast on to start knitting your adapted pattern.

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