Teje un cojín de crochet

Crochet a cushion

Today I woke up and started to renew my chair!

Hello knitters, this week I began to renovate and accommodate my studio a bit and I wanted to give a different touch to some cushions that I had, which the truth had already bored me a bit....

Here I am going to show you how to renovate a cushion or make it from scratch, in two ways, one combining colors and making a decoration on the edge that is a little showy, and the other making a cushion of one color with a simple border.

For you to choose which model you like best!

For these cushions use the following


  • 10mm knitting hook
  • 1 ball of 4 mm cotton of TRIKES in light gray color
  • 1 ball of 4 mm cotton TRIKES in dark gray
  • cushion filling
  • Measuring tape


  • Chain
  • Low point
  • tricot point
  • slip stitch

Now we start weaving...

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