Granny hexagonal paso a paso

Hexagonal granny step by step

I declare myself a lover of GRANNYS!

Hello knitters, lately I have experimented a lot with making different types of grains, this week I decided to mix what I have learned lately with very fun and striking colors. I present to you this hexagonal granny.

This GRANNY is done with the following:


  • 5mm knitting hook
  • 1 ball of cotton 3 mm thick in blue
  • 1 ball of cotton 3 mm thick in Mexican pink color
  • 1 ball of cotton 3mm thick in brown


  • chain
  • low point
  • high point
  • puff point
  • slip point

I hope you like this mini tutorial and make your own granny! Send me a photo to post in our community or tag me at @theknittingdiaryy

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